Marriage things.

Sunday, April 23, 2017
Fisherman and I have almost been married for 4 years - it flies by, truly!  Having known the big ol' blue-eyed Fisherman for almost 11 years now, there are some things that I have learned:

  1. Wives will NEVER, repeat NEVER have control of the remote.
  2. When entering Home Depot, Lowe's, or varied hardware stores of any kind their primal instinct takes over and they feel the need to explain everything - i.e., - "this is a hammer and is used for the hammering".
  3. Dead (dirty) socks will NEVER end in a laundry basket. 
  4. There is no end to the number of baseball caps that will end up on the kitchen counter or table.
  5. Meat, with a side of meat, is perfectly adequate and COMPLETE meal.
  6. Taking into account #1 - a conciliatory gesture seems to be an episode of "the Simpsons".
  7. Any idea found on Pinterest is just...ugh!
  8. Although he has sat in a car in Alaska waiting for me to get my nails done, secretly men just cannot fathom the reason behind it.                                                                                                                                    
  9. ehicles primarily driven by the male spouse always seem to have just a hint of eu d' musky.
  10. F-A-R-T-S - enough said - see previous number.
And even though this list, however funny, cannot replace the absolutely amazing things that he does on a daily basis to to make my dreams come true.
  1. Our garden is beautiful and watered daily.
  2. The amazing barn door in our bedroom hangs and looks beautiful
  3. His coaching and endless hours spent on the weekend giving his time is done for the sole benefit of our home and family.
  4. Literally picking me up off the floor when I fell or putting me in the bath when I am soooo sick.
  5. Having a fire, blankets, and cocktails ready for a group of women after a paint party and strawberries too! 
  6. Being my constant cheerleader.
  7. Having pride in my accomplishments and shouting them from the rooftops.
  8. Realising that my Storm Squad (Nerd Squad) are important and sometimes the sole reason we make it through a rough day.
  9. Loving and teaching our nephews and niece every time.                                                          

  10. Spending each day fighting the zombies, killing spiders, and wrapping me in love even when he doesn't like me too much. 

So, as I wrap up this blog post, and VOW to post more often. I love my Fisherman - enough said.
 More to come, I SWEAR.  Even as I type he is laying in the bed encouraging me to post more often.

'til we meet again,

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