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Sunday, February 28, 2016
Blonde bulldozer here...with some tales of a fish wife, although lately it is tales of a softball widow.  Fisherman is in fullswing with softball and I joyfully relish the 2-3 hours in the afternoon to dance around in my underwear singing "...you make me wanna shoop, shoop be doop" (sorry, not sorry for the visual).  I have been in a step challenge at my school and I have been gleefully exploring our neighborhood in the afternoons while he is at practice or games.

Today is Saturday and I have been solo Seiler since 6:40 this morning.  I did not even open my peepers until 8:30 and then I rolled toward the window to let the sun shine on my face as I woke slowly with the warmth.  Without a doubt this is my favorite thing in the world - to have the warmth of the sun wake me vs. having the obnoxious sound of my alarm clock.  I lolled around in my PJ's and watched the absolute brain decaying candy of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" while I had a bacon sandwich for breakfast (don't judge me).  I have kind of cleaned today, but mostly I have been lazy - gloriously, blissfully, lazy.

When I finally did get moving I got in my trusty wagon and headed to the local sonic - and got a strawberry limeade, aw yeah!  Still the baseball diamond was callin' my name.  I went and watched one of the 4 games that Fisherman coached today.  I can, without a doubt, say that there is nothing, repeat nothing I do not like about baseball (or softball).
I remember nostalgically as a child being raised at the ball park.  It was the stuff of my summer.  I was no more than seven when I, sharing the duties with my cousin Levi, got to be the bat girl for my older cousin Sass' team The Reds.  Later, I started watching teams all over again as my brother went through the Roberto Clemente -> Pee Wee Reese -> Mikey Mantle -> Sandy Kofax -> and then finally Connie Mack leagues.  I worked consessh, got splinters from Ricketts Park, ate 1000 pounds of sunflower seeds, umpteen thousand awesome Frito Pies, had Coke with the "good ice", sucked on cinnamon suckers (always dipping them in 7-Up), and cheered my heart out as the Reds, A's, and Bandits won and lost. A little fact, my hometown has a world series - The Connie Mack World Series - and my brother played on the team that went the farthest toward garnering a home team win of any team in history, check it out here.
My Jamie-lou-ia and I LOVED spending our time at the ball park - and still do.  We were ecstatic to have finally coordinated our schedules back in 2013 to watch a couple of the games of the world series.  I have to say when the national anthem was sung by some local celebrity - I got teary-eyed, and still do because those moments are...perfect.
And, finally today, I was watch watching the love of my life coach the next generation of "girl ball players" I was overcome, truly.  I love baseball.
It is in my blood and I carry all those wonderful memories around to a new baseball season.
Now, I get to not only watch Fisherman and proudly exclaim "I Heart the Coach" but get to watch my little nephew suit up and look mighty handsome as he struts his little self out on to the diamond.  Last year was his first season and he was a rockstar.
Roughneck (my brother) and I were walking with him along the hallowed ground of Justis Park and we looked at the trees and ivy and laughingly commented on how many miles of sunflower seeds, baseballs, and fun dip comprised the back ivy of the park and how much it just smells like summer.
I can't wait to watch him play, I can't wait to watch my littlest nephew Noah play, and I am overjoyed to have Fisherman coaching and seeing his team bat, bunt, run, slide, and homerun their way to victory.

Bring on the boys and girls of SUMMER!



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