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Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Let me begin by stating that I LOVE MY JOB.  However, as any teacher can attest, there comes a point in every semester where one is just "DONE" - pushed to exhaustion, grumpy-pants-ness, irritable, did I mention exhausted.
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Things have been trucking along exceptionally well this year.  My classes are awesome but the sheer amount of grading has taken my breath away more than once.  I have 4 sections of Advanced Placement and my time is scarce when it comes to what I have to give.  So my excitement level reached an epoch when I found out that we, as a district, were migrating Google (Gmail) late in the summer.
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The move has been seamless for some and for others (or so I hear) it has been...well, let's just say "the struggle is real".  I am GRATEFUL everyday that my Grandmother instilled in me - all those years ago - a love for technology and advancement.

Additionally, we were very happy last year when we were told that they were increasing the number of "mobile labs" - or COWS (carts on wheels) as Fisherman's campus calls them.  As with every "good" there is the equal and opposite "bad" and in this case the COWS were to be used for PARCC testing (the endless standardized testing)...I can't even...  So, testing came and went and gloriously the COWS were returned to the masses for general use.  Last week, we received the not-so-welcome news that again, the COWS would be "sucked up" for PARCC retesting (those who did not meet the mark last March/April), leading again to a shortage.  To say that I am experience COW withdrawal this week is vastly understated.  I went so far as to put a plea out to those in business I know to sponsor a classroom...namely, MINE!  In fact, I was able to share my love of tech with my campus and show colleagues how to use Schoology - and I am happy to say, this has been like LIGHTNING (fitting for the STORM (our mascot)), teachers posting happy thoughts and warm fuzzies regarding Schoology.
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Lastly, my most recent angst has come in the form of "blockage" - or being "FILTERED" - I really try to find lively, colorful, rich content for my students but am stymied at the fact I am blocked and always have to double, if not, triple plan just in case I can't gain access at school.

Which FINALLY brings me to my final point and a little ray of sunshine in my CHAOS.  **spoiler - this is the point where I totally, "geek out".  I have found a way to sync my files from Dropbox, which I usually use, and Google Drive - which I am allowed at school; ta-da, ladies and gentlepeeps - I give you CloudHQ!
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Check it out...I'm sure you will dig it.  In a world where chaos is KING, this has been a little slice of awesome!


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