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Sunday, November 30, 2014
I sit here in solitude in my home (the sheer thought is glorious) after a successful Thanksgiving week.  Fisherman and I played host to his family and mine and I got to use our beautiful {{sigh}} wedding china.

I have spent the past several months planning, plotting, surveying magazines and Pinterest, all to create the perfect Thanksgiving table.  With the help of my Mom, I found all the fixings to create the exact table setting I had envisioned and knew that it would look beautiful.

Fisherman even managed a small miracle of his own...his mother got on a plane and visited us here in Albuquerque.  Our home was full of family - his mom and sister, my parents, and my cousin.  The day came, the turkey was golden brown, potatoes fluffy, rolls...slightly undercooked, but nonetheless tasty.  It was at the dinner, that both my mother and Fisherman's mother remarked that I needed to tell the story of our wedding china.  They reminded me that it is not merely the possessions that make a life, it is the story behind the possessions.

Without further adieu...

Our wedding china is beautiful Wedgewood - a simple pattern that is understated and lovely!  I ooh and ah over it every time I look at it.  Accompanying the china is my Grandmother's silver-rimmed crystal {{gushing}}.  The two of these items are just beautiful and match as if they were designed to go together.

Fisherman and I received our wedding china whilst on the Island of Misfit Toys.  We were living surrounded by rough and tough fisherman, gruff cannery workers, and very few who could truly appreciate that level of finery.  One morning, sometime in November, we received a box from Fisherman's family at the school.  We opened it up and it was as if a shining ray of fancy popped up -  simply the wrapping of package was magnificient.  The students as well as a couple of other teachers remarked "Wow, what a pretty package!"  I could not imagine what it was, so we took it home and opened up the fancy wrapping and...ta da...it was our china.  Finery in the land of chaos and melee!

I was perpexled.  Fisherman's family had sent the china because they thought I would like something nice in our tumultuous world.  I opened one set...just to have a peek.  I lovingly caressed the dishes with a longing to host a proper dinner party - the stuff that I had dreamed of doing probably since I was a small girl.  I then put it back in the box, knowing that it would not be fully appreciated while we were there.  For Christmas, my parents added to our service and kept safe, at very least, two of our place settings.

As we prepared our exodus from the island, we packed up the few belongings that we brought with us and finally came to the china which taunted me from the cupboard.  We carefully wrapped the boxes and with a hope and prayer, insulating them the best we could.  Fisherman drove our lives down the Alaksa-Canada highway through frost heaves and broken road.  The china also bore the rough and tumble road along with gulf of Alaksa/Pacific Ocean fury on the ferry.  By the time we moved into our home in August, we slowly peeked into the tote that contained our precious wedding china.  Before we opened the tote, Fisherman proclaimed "Babes, we did the best we could, but I make no guarantees...".  I held my breath, opened the tote, removed and opened the box, and there it was - gleaming up at me with not a chip or nick in the entire lot.

So, very long story short, my table was the bell of the ball this Thanksgiving with a very worldly china gracing our presence.

I am very THANKFUL that this china's story had a happy ending and I get to sit here and re-live the goings'-on of the past weekend with a cheshire grin and a fond glimmer of fancy remaining in my heart and mind.

Marvelously satisfied,


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