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Thursday, August 28, 2014
Fisherman and I have settled into our new home and are slowly but surely navigating the new surroundings at our respective schools.  Fisherman is at Rio Rancho High School and I at V. Sue Cleveland High School.  My school is truly a marvel.  I get excited to come to work in the morning (very early in the morning) as I drive out to the middle of the desert and the sun peeks up over the Sandia Mountains - I marvel at the true beauty of New Mexico...home.

V. Sue Cleveland is the home of the STORM!  The students at this school take care of this award-winning campus with their heart and soul.  Every ounce of the integrity of the school is maintained by those who inhabit this building.  The freshmen start out and inducted into the STORM culture from day 1.  I am AMAZED at the level of participation and enthusiasm.  The campus itself has won architectural awards, Green awards, academic rigor awards, and is in line to win the New Mexico director's cup - an award that looks at the entire picture of the campus (what percentage of the students are in Advanced Placement classes, extra/co-curricular activities, sports, clubs, etc.)  Whew!  I love it here!

Please don't get me wrong, I loved being at LaJoya - in fact, that is the standard that I measure all other schools by...but I honestly don't see myself leaving this school until I'm ready to hang-up my shingle.  Here is virtual tour of my school.

I will take some photos of my classroom soon and post, but for now, the video will have to suffice.

A few days ago, fisherman and I were on our way to the grocery to do our weekly haul, and I captured a whiff of NM Hatch Green Chile being roasted.  My wee little heart skipped a beat I was so happy.  I meandered slowly as we entered and I lingered slowly as we exited to make sure I could soak in ALL the goodness of the moment.

Finally, last Friday, Fisherman and I packed up our little wagon on Friday after school and enjoyed a quick little drive to Farmington where we were able to join in the festivities of my sweet nephew turning 5, I can't believe he's 5!!  I hung out with my parents, visited my aunt and uncle, and ate some home grown veggies from Dad's garden.  It was joyous and I reveled in the glory of being so close to family.  It was a marvelous weekend and I almost had to pinch myself to make sure it was real.  Fisherman, even snuck out and did a little of what he does!

Being home...enough said.

Love from the 505,


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