Denali, Seattle, Albuquerque, Townsend or BUST!

Saturday, May 24, 2014
I have been wanting to write about our final days in the Great White North.  We left the island with fireworks and happy dances a plenty and have spent the last couple of days in Anchorage (Palmer) and then spent two glorious days in Denali National Park.

I recently remarked on my husband and his many wonderful qualities, but one of his true gifts is making sure I get to experience all the wonder that this bountiful country has to offer.  I would have been completely content to stay and hang out in the Anchorage area after we disembarked our sea voyage exodus (more on this later).  He, however, wanted to make sure that I saw Alaska for its real beauty and not just the dysfunction of the island (beautiful, yes...functioning NO WAY).  The other side of that gift is his ability to plan out a short trips and making the most of the beauty of the land and see to every detail of short day trips.

We set out Wednesday afternoon and headed the 180 or so miles to Denali.  Along the way we made time to stop at Montana Creek (of course) as well as to take rockstar photos of Mt. McKinely.  When we finally arrived our destination for the evening Fisherman had made reservations at McKinley Creekside Cabins for the night.  This place was amazing, totally my definition of a charming bed and breakfast - with super comfy beds.  We drove a little ways past the B&B to have dinner at Prospector's Historic Pizzeria and Alehouse (SO MUCH FUN and really good pizza).

The next morning we mounted our trusty steed (the Dodge) and headed to our tour bus which took us up into the park.  This was definitely a "bucket list" type of a trip.  We saw...caribou, ptarmigan, moose, big-horn sheep, and yeah, BEARS!  The scenery was amazing and to learn of the fabulous history and the unique landscape of Denali was sheer joy.  The trees for instance, do not grow very tall in Denali because of the distorted daylight and altitude.  They looked like trees straight out of a Dr. Seuss book - super skinny and about 8 feet tall.  I kept waiting for a Whoville Who to pop out!

Like I said, the trip was amazing and packed with adventure which is the definition of Mr. & Mrs. Seiler during their first year of marriage.  If you would like to see photos of our trip and even some cute selfies of Fisherman and I...check back.  I will post  link to a viewable album later.

Tomorrow I board the plane bound for Albuquerque via an overnight stay with my sweet sister-in-law in Seattle...cheers and more from the "Lower 48" later.



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