What is your SUPERPOWER?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Today is day 2 of the standardized testing.  Yesterday, we tested students in reading and today is writing.

Before we began this morning as all the testers made their way to breakfast...I sought out the sophomores to give them their beautiful reminder sheet, and their army man...a reminder to "soldier on" and "git 'r done".  I do a bootcamp the week prior to testing - a crash review of all the skills they have learned.  I find it fitting because what they are doing is technically, combat.  The testing in schools today is brutal.  Each morning I "pep talk" and give a small token of "you can do it" to the sophomores (their test actually counts for graduation) - reminding them they have all they need to be successful!

This year thank the sweet heaven above, I am testing the Littles. - well most of them.  The 7th grade is testing with another teacher so I have the 8th.

This morning as we began the test, I was reading the instructions...the students were listening and doing their level best to make sure they did well.

The first part of the directions is to read through the sample questions and provide an answer for the sample questions.  We then discuss the correct answers and students should then move on from there to finish the remainder of the test.  However, THIS MORNING...as the students answered the sample questions and I asked them what they got for sample question A - each of them replied with the WRONG answer.  Terror flashed in their eyes.  I could tell that each and every one of them was thinking "Holy CRAP!, I just got the sample question wrong!"  It then took me 15 minutes to calm their frayed little nerves and bolster them up enough for 'em to complete the remainder of the test.

I wonder where it states in my contract that one of my jobs is to be a "soother of little souls"?  Ever think that a teacher does not make a difference...I challenge you to look into the faces of those Littles this morning with their freaked out expressions!  I. AM. A. TEACHER...what is your superpower?

...teaching despite the place,


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