The BIG 4-OMG!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014
I have been watching (via facebook) and other means as the children of my youth are now turning the big four-oh!  It has been with mixed emotion that I now join the ranks of those who have met that milestone.  I have no angst or apprehension about turning the actual number of...{{gasp}}forty, but I downright REFUSE to turn forty on the island of misfit toys.  That being said Fisherman and I are on the eve of an escape from this rock next week.
So yes, my **technical** birthday is today, however, I like millions of others will join the chorus of saying "April Fool's!" with a loud and resounding enthusiasm and wait to turn 40, in style - in heels, lipsticked, manicured, properly coiffed, and rockin' my fountain soda in Anchorage!

Cheers to 40 peeps!
Sending out all the love I have been given for 40 years,


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