Freezin' my St. Paddys off!

Friday, March 14, 2014
Kiss me, I'm IRISH!  I am so excited that this Monday we get to celebrate a favorite holiday St. Pat's! Wahoo.  I'm sure that I've mentioned (at least to all of those who actually read the blog) that I am a Celt-o-phile.  All things Irish, that's my motto.  In fact for those of you who don't know, the very handle I used to meet my husband was Irish Eyes.

My Celtic heritage is a cause for celebration.  The last time we were in anchorage we bought a beautiful corned beef that has been mocking me from the freezer every time I look at it.  I seriously cannot wait!  This year for our St. Paddy's feast I will be attempting an Irish soda bread as well - more on that to follow.

I know more than a few posts have been dedicated to the weather here, so I'm sorry if another one is coming at you.  However, this week the winds have shifted and the weather is coming from the north, which means it is Arctic weather - also known as freakin' freezin'!  Shocking, right...cold in Alaska!?

Our daily weather here keeps me at a slight level of chilled...being the desert rat that I am, I can TOTALLY handle the dry bitter cold, even negative temps.  Here the cold has been given an altogether new meaning.  I now understand what my Mom, my Aunt, and my Gram all felt.  I was sweltering while the three of them (whenever in my presence) were popsicles and truly hilarious.

I distinctly remember a visit from my Mom and Aunt, I believe it was in Salt Lake (many moons ago) where they were both in flannel pajamas, underneath my down comforter from Germany, and huddled together like two sad little orphans, while watching television.  My grandmother on another note wore long johns almost every day of her life including the summer! Cray, cray!
So now, after many years I yield.  Our temperature the past few days has reached a high of 17 degrees accompanied with a wind that literally has taken my breath away.

Last night, after parent teacher conferences we went home, I put on my PJ's and crawled under my blankets and shivered. Period. Layed there and shivered.  Then I layed and shivered some more.  I had long sleeve pajamas, long johns, and a heavy quilt on top of me and still I shivered.  I was shivering so badly by the time Fisherman got into bed he thought I was having a seizure (well maybe).  He plunked into bed and said in his mocking tone "I don't know why you're so cold".  Maybe that is how I sounded to my Mom and Aunt all those years ago when I said "It is not cold...I can't believe you're still so cold".  Well, I have learned my lesson.  I. AM. COLD.  Bone-chilling, arse-kickin' COLD!  I longingly look forward to going home this afternoon/evening, having some tea, putting on my homemade wool socks, and getting under my covers.


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