Thursday, March 6, 2014
The ferry system in the Great White North is a vital system of travel.  The ferries and the commercial shipping by barge is how this island and many others like it sustain themselves.  Much like the interstate back home and the various "hot shots" and freight companies, this is very much like the arterial system in the human body.

This past summer the arterial system in the Aleutian islands was stunted - brought to a halt and goods, people, and other various items (such as our truck) were delayed.  There were only two ferries the entire summer and fall. The ferry system was shut down and "docked" by the U.S. Coast Guard because the ferries did not meet the guidelines and standards of safe travel.  The hulls of the boat were not "up to snuff" and needed to be fortified according to federal guidelines.  This took all of about two weeks to fix.  Then the Coast Guard's x-ray machine to test the welds and fortifications broke.  This took the remainder of the season to fix - CRA to the ZY!

Fisherman and I have booked our truck's passage as well as ours off this Godforsaken island of misfit toys.  We are booked and ready to travel in 2 months and 11 days.  I am very nervous that this (much like everything else on this island) will not work and something will break down further marooning us here.  So for now, I am more than ready.... and counting down!

Countdown Clocks


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