A squall, a shout out, and EARTHQUAKE!!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
This morning we woke up to winter - I'm guessing Mother Nature is back off her meds and allowed the cold, blowing snow, and bitter cold to jump up and bite me this morning.  I looked outside as I was getting up and it was starting to snow with just a slight breeze.  By the time the sun came up there was a FULL ON squall complete with ground winds (which make things look even colder) slithering on the pavement.


 Last night we (or I) was J-O-L-T-E-D out of bed by a CRASH and then a BANG not to mention the violent shaking of the bed (let's keep it PG folks).  I asked {{shrieked}} to Fisherman "what was that" - he, already in his coma replied..."Babe, it is just the wind." Wind? Peshaw!  I asked him "are you sure?I think it was an earthquake!"   It WAS a full on earthquake, 3.7 to be exact.

When I came into breakfast this morning I was greeted with the usual salutation of "Good morning, did you sleep well?'  I grunted something along the lines of "yeah, sort of...(remember human speech early in the morning - like razor blades in my brain)".  He then concedes to me, "Babes, you were right it was an earthquake last night, the epicenter was right here in Sand Point"!  I was thinking "duh".  I may have balance issues, trip over my own feet...often, and walk around in a daze until about 10:00am, but I can feel an earthquake. Helllllo!

   Lastly, as I have been questioning my life's work, wondering what, if any, difference I have made in the lives of students - I was pleasantly surprised by the shout out of two former students who are doing MAH-VELOUS things with their lives.  Diera and Gloria are students that I had, well Diera anyway, but I claim Gloria by association (having had her sister in my senate).  These two lovely women are traveling the world and rockin' the U.K.  Gloria recently finished her undergraduate work at Baker University and is now on staff at Harlaxton in the U.K.  Diera is globe-trotting this semester and they met up at the Harlaxton Manor.  Both girls are social media gurus giving me an awesome "shout out" on Diera's VLOG, so I thought I would do the same.  Without further adieu...I give you Diera and Gloria:


Sending love, shout-outs, and shakes,


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