Sunday, February 23, 2014
It seems that in every school, in every district, across the country there is one or two weeks where all the teachers have what I have come to call "getting whacked week".  This happens to be the week where everything that CAN go wrong DOES.  Lists include - technology weirdness, excessive absences, running out of paper, copy machine coming to life and expressing anger, angry parents, issues best left to a social worker, schedule insanity, student meltdowns, topped off with 45 reports that must be written, presentations that must be done, and finally it happens, the moment when the utter exhaustion takes over.

This was my week.  Apparently it was for a friend of mine in Phoenix too, we'll call her, Buckeye.  It is comforting to know that even though I am so far removed from my former life, my world has not really changed...well, that much anyway.  I am still in love with Fisherman, I am still a teacher, I still strive to create meaningful interactions with students, I still strive to instill a love for learning, and I still have moments where I want to bash my head against a wall and shout "lawd hammercy"...as a former student would say.

This blog has been very cathartic in helping me cope with the alternate reality that is Sand Point.  It seems that most would agree that it truly is a 180 degree change - case in point, a very world-traveled friend remarked:
I promised myself that this would not turn into a blog that just rants or becomes a self-induced soap box, but this week, I let myself off the hook.  I miss home...be that Montana, Phoenix, Anchorage or New Mexico.  I miss my family. I miss professionalism in my colleagues.  I miss colleagues/friends that I would trust and have trusted with my very life.  I miss rigor and innovation.  I miss happy hour.  I miss mani/pedi/sushi afternoons.  I miss fountain sodas.  I miss my niece and nephew so badly that I think my heart will literally burst for want of a hug and kiss from them.  I miss my brother and sister-in-law and his infectious laugh that makes me laugh until I almost pee.  I miss wandering around Target and finding something that I really don't need but just makes me happy.  I miss my Mom and my Dad coming to visit and sharing in my adult home and life.  I just miss.

With all that stated, I am here.  I know Fisherman has been worried thinking "she is one meltdown away from insanity".  However, this may have been my week to get "whacked", but believe...I am NEVER down for long.  Today, I dust myself off...put on my heiney-bustin' boots, light the firecracker spirit of my Grandma inside me, find my brother's humor, and channel Fisherman's love for me and show this island who is boss! RAWR!

Watch out!



  2. And this too shall pass...it probably already has. Hoping you have a better week! :)


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