Under water.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
On Monday of this week Fisherman and I were happy to embrace the spring-like weather as we emerged from our classrooms at 3:30.  I skipped about and frolicked, literally frolicked as I moved with glee at the glorious weather.  We cast off our classroom coils and threw caution to the wind...er calm and headed to the beach.  It was so marvelous that I actually walked up and down the beach without a coat!

Following our outing we came home grilled some beer-brats and even some potato salad.  It felt like spring and I was giddy - literally, almost delirious.  I was twirling around the house like a teenager with a song in my heart!

The next morning...Tuesday, we woke up to a hurricane.  Sideways rain, with its partner in crime, the freakin' wind.  It has been blowing and raining for 96 hours now...straight.  I have not slept in almost two nights because every time I start to doze off a gust blows the rain against the window and wakes me up.  I woke up almost every hour on the hour.

As we were driving to work this morning I actually thought I was hallucinating.  The ground seemed to be moving.  The 5+ inches of rain we had received during the night was moving in waves on the pavement.  CREEEPY!  When the wind blows the island to a new latitude I end up looking like this...
I'm hoping for an end to this weary weather and a good night's sleep.

Off to count some sheep...hopefully!


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