Basketball and a little chaos.

Friday, February 28, 2014
This weekend and next, Sand Point will be on parade and Fisherman and I will be "on duty" and working ourselves to the bone. {{sigh}}.

This Weekend:
This will be the final boys basketball games of the season.  They have had a less than stellar record and players that did everything they could to play, are now not even coming to school.  The students here have a somewhat distorted perception - each thinking they are the next NBA superstar.  Don't get me wrong there are players that have potential and with some SEVERE conditioning and "coachin' up" they could be a strong team.  Undoubtedly they provide THE entertainment for the folks around here.  Their record:


81 - 58Loss

62 - 44Loss

84 - 67Loss

68 - 51Loss

80 - 69Win

61 - 53Win

71 - 44Win

65 - 40Win

96 - 61Loss (mercy ruled)

64 - 61Loss

74 - 59Loss

72 - 29Win

60 - 41Win

69 - 36Win

65 - 19Win

60 - 50Win

62 - 47Win

94 - 46Loss (mercy ruled)

Lately, the team has been circulating a petition around the town and it has 300+ signatures.  The petition is asking that despite their record they be allowed to travel to the regional tournament at a cost of $20,000.  The final word comes from our superintendent -  that final word has been "no".  Needless to say, it has been a little "tense" around here.

So this weekend, as they play their final games, there is definetly a "buzz" happening within the school.

Next Weekend:
Sand Point School will play host to the Southwest Region Girls Basketball tournament.  Schools of similar size will fly in next Wednesday and be whittled down to a region champion that will compete in the state tournament.  Since Sand Point is the host of the tournament, our girls team gets an automatic seed into the tournament play.

Hosting a tournament will take literally EVERYONE to pull off.  Our gigantic high school staff will be maxed out.  I look forward to a little change in the routine, but am not looking forward to the exhaustion and the rancor that will need to be managed from all the visitors and the invariable disputed calls.

Armed with my whistle,


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