The Spelling BEE!

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Today is the Sand Point School's annual spelling bee.  Our school will whittle down the candidates from 3-8th grades.  From there the winner will go to the district bee, and should they find themselves victorious proceed to the STATE competition in Anchorage.

I, the one and only language arts teacher will be moderating the spelling bee this afternoon.  I am a little apprehensive.  I will have to come up with sentences and definitions of words to help the contestants with their battle.  I do have a very expansive vocabulary however words like "genetrix" and "rubicundity" are outside of my lexicon.  I do however feel supremely confident in breaking down words to their roots should this be necessary...ha!

Again, I have run assemblies for 1800+ kids, packed the gym with teenagers, and consider myself a ROCKSTAR at "working a crowd".  I have NEVER had a fear of public speaking.  This is different.  The chairs are set up, the sound system - ready to go, and I, must be able to define and sentence-ize "haleutic".  Wish me fortune, fate, destiny, lot, the stars, karma, kismet or LUCK!


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