Out on the TOWN, Valentine.

Saturday, February 15, 2014
Fisherman and I left our island paradise this past week and headed for the budding metropolis of Anchorage, AK.  There was no weirdness with the plane, it came and left on time with us on the plane - WAHOO!  We Landed in Anchorage on Tuesday afternoon and spent 4 nights and 5 glorious days living it up.

A short inventory of our adventures include:
  • 3 movies in a movie theater
  • 3 trips to Target to "just look around"
  • 1 trip to Sephora
  • 1 trip to Bare Escentuals
  • dinner at Qdoba, coffee at Starbucks, lunch at Burger King
  • 1 haircut
  • 1 eye doctor appointment
  • 1 manicure
  • 1 chinese buffet
  • 1 genuine italian bistro meal
  • 1 tank of gasoline in our rented car
  • 3 trips to the Apple store and 1 computer repaired.
  • 1 friend visited
  • regular "fast" internet used as much as possible - all updates downloaded!
  • 1 amazing meal on Valentine's day
Going "to town" can be such a relief after being so isolated for so long here in Sand Point.  It almost feels as if it is necessary to pack in as much as we can while we are there that upon our return I need a vacation from our "vacation".  Though it sounds like I'm grumbling, believe me that could not be further from the truth.

I love that Fisherman can see on my face when "I'm totally LOSIN' IT" and need a dose of civilization.  I love that he will find something to do or wait patiently in the car while I go and get a manicure and a haircut.  I love that he understands that this life change has been an extremely difficult one and doesn't lose patience, even when I do.  So while by society's standards Fisherman and I had a very tame first Valentine's day as husband and wife, my valentine literally gave me the whole world and a bag of chocolate - how many can say that? Game, set, match, I win!

Love, love, and more love this Valentine season,


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