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Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Today marks the sendoff of the Sand Point boys and girls basketball teams, their coaches, and chaperones.  They are heading for the annual road trip - Februay 5-18, give or take days due to weather/travel. 

The basketball teams make up about 75% of the high school which means for the next two weeks we will have exactly 12 students in grades 9-12.  More on my "lesson planning" later.

This morning they are all **twirly** with anticipation of leaving.  Even though they are leaving on the "regular airplane" (yes, the one that cancelled on us at Christmas kicking off the monumental chain of events on our epic journey), they must still pack their survival gear.  They will land in Anchorage and then travel by vans tomorrow to "Small Town Alaska" via the road system (more on this later) and must be prepared for extreme conditions.

Most of the students are wild with delight about going, a couple are nonplussed, and one decided not to go at all.  An interesting mix of reactions, but entertaining nonetheless...teenage drama, and all.

Fisherman tried and tried to tell me about the chaos of the next two weeks, but I was utterly ignorant of the madness.  I naively went about my wee, little, lesson planning like usual and even made the road trippers their separate assignment sheet.  But, lo and behold, SEVERAL other activities are cropping up at the speed of light - Battle of the Books for The Littles, the spelling bee again, for The Littles, and there is an artist visiting who will help the students construct a mural (Justine Pechuzal).

What we have decided to do with the remaining students is treat them all like one class.  Each of us will have the newly thinned herd from the high school for one hour a day, where we will truly be like a one-room-schoolhouse and give instruction to grades 9-12.  The jury is still out on how this will go...stay tuned.  Meanwhile and P.S. - I have been called for jury duty in Phoenix. {hmpf}!

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