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Sunday, February 2, 2014
I posted on my Facebook a while a go some of the interesting things that truly have no comparison for me, especially when it comes to sports and the teams here on the island. 
Forgive me but I am gonna rehash the list -

Weirdness from the island... 

a. For students to participate in athletic competition they must FLY (that's right) fly to any other community.

b. Flying consists of a charter plane that can only carry 5 people per load - they do multiple runs back and forth - taking boys bringing girls back the process is done in variations depending on which gender team is playing at home.

c. In order for students to "travel with the team" and get on the plane they must be dressed in complete winter gear (snow pants, boots, glove, hat, coat, and survival suit) in case of plane crash - yep, plane crash....eek, right?

d. When basketball season is here, there is no need to lesson plan, ALL the students are gone most Thursdays and Fridays or in the process of going.

e. Though games and travel are planned for Friday afternoon, they often must bring their travel gear and travel days before due to weather.

f. The students stay at the schools they are playing at and sleep in the classrooms meaning my class will probably have girls in it this evening.

g. Student athletics = CHAOS in bush Alaska!

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  • Suzie Shay Wow! Life on an island huh? Won't be taking things for granted quite so much around here.
  • Amélie Marie If it makes you feel any better I'll be sleeping in there with them.........
  • Amélie Marie Although the kids have stayed in my room for all the previous games so we may be in here again.
  • Ronni Hamilton-Ernenputsch That's crazy talk! What a new adventure u are in?! Good thing you don't mind if your "routine" gets jumbled up a bit. lol. It sounds quite exciting.
  • Trina Foster Bingham That is crazy!! But so cool too. It would be fun sometimes, right?
  • Stacey Esham That sounds totally normal. You're crazy, girl!
  • Mike Seiler You forgot depending on the weather the team might be stuck at the other school for a week or more.
  • Jamie N Sanchez Wow.
  • Suzanne Husby Bizarro!
  • Cheryl Ingram Crazy business! Can't imagine the "fun" you are having.
  • Melynda McBride Wow-- what is state testing like there?
  • Melissa Barber Please tell me you're writing a blog! I'm living vicariously here.
  • Amberly Lebeck Brown · Friends with Mike Seiler: That honestly seems like more trouble than its worth. And more than a little crazy!
  • Jeannie Sandoval Life's adventure
  • Kristi Garrison Yes!! More stories like this. I'm fascinated to learn how normal life is other places but don't want to move anywhere. I'd totally read your blog!
  • Emily Tonn Absolutely fascinated by this! Holy crap.
  • Jane Leick Again, such great stories! Highly encourage a seiler saga blog!!
  • Tramane Marshall I agree, you totally need a blog...or a reality show!
  • Sarah Seiler London Love it! You should start coaching.
  • Mike Seiler Also the athletic budget here is 250,000 for 200 students
  • Dawn Marie Bellingham Wow! I'm glad they get the opportunity!
This weekend was unique in that BOTH girls and boys teams were away.  The girls went to Dutch Harbor to play the Unalaska teams and the boys went to King Cove - another island in the chain but still in our school district.  We who were left behind were left with more than half the school gone, the team literally gone for about 17 hours, and left with a glorious sunshiney weekend.

Since there were no basketball games on the island this weekend Mike and I weren't "on duty" (crowd control, kid control, student store, being seen by parents/community, offering praise to students' parents, etc.).  We took FULL, I mean FULL advantage of this.  We rented "Captain Phillips" for our date night on Friday, slept in Saturday morning, had homemade breakfast burritos (delightfully made by this New Mexican girl). **side note: Fisherman is always shocked that my burritos taste amazing, I however am always amazed that he is amazed - I'm a New Mexican, right? 

Well, I, digress.  After our delightful breakfast and overwhelming shock at the beautiful weather, we packed up the camera and headed down to the beach! 

 One of the crab boats had just docked and was unloading their crab pots and the eagles - a.k.a. the world's fiercest and scariest garbage disposals - were out in force.  Fisherman and I called it Eaglefest 2014.  There must have been at least fifty or so eagles out in force.
 In addition to the hundred skillion eagles a herd, flock, gaggle (?) of jellies were jellying back and forth in the water's tide pools.

Don't touch...Fisherman!
Look hard, there are two jellies in this pic!
See the cute boots...just imagine how sad these jellies would look if Fisherman had his way in buying the "ugly stomping things" and had them now next to cute sirree!
Jellies and cute boots!
After two glorious days of time in the sun my island survival prognosis looking better.  Here's hoping an end of my transparent skin and funky attitude is on its way.

With sunshine in my soul,


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