Layers of cold.

Monday, February 10, 2014
I have had a request to include more pictures of people.  So this particular post will showcase the most recent vitamin D Fisherman and I were able to absorb.  Sunday the sun made an appearance for several glorious hours and I tossed up my hands, left the laundry, lesson plans, cleaning, etc., behind and we headed for the great OUTDOORS!
Playin' with the kelp.
Being right on the water is C-O-L-D!
Isn't Fisherman cute?!
Fisherman and I...
Post outing warm-up...note the frozen features and windburn!
I'm not smiling, my mouth is frozen!
Layer count
  1. Underwear
  2. Camisole
  3. Cuddl Dudds - long john shirt/pants
  4. T-shirt/pants
  5. Shirt
  6. Polar Fleece Jacket
  7. Winter Coat
  8. Scarf
  9. Hood
  10. Socks
  11. Gloves
By the end of our little jaunt I was cold to core, had to go home, kick the heat on, brew me some tea, and wait for my limbs and (not gonna lie) butt cheeks to get some blood back to them!  Fisherman said he was "ok" (he has a real knack for understatement) - but I know he was cold too!

From the Frozen North,


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