Heat tape and my Hero.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Upon returning from Anchorage this week we had found that WINTER had finally hit the island.  We have been experiencing above average temperatures (for Alaska) accompanied with ridiculous rain and WILD WIND.  While we were gone, winter came in to take our place.  The wind shifted and started coming from the north which means the weather is and was coming DIRECTLY from the Arctic.  The temperatures plummeted to single digits (in and of itself, not a big deal) but while living on the island and all of the wisdom that includes, the pipes for our house are ABOVE ground - as if this is Arizona, peshaw!  We came home to, ta da, frozen drains.

I was exhausted and more than ready to soak in a shower washing the airplane funk down the drain when I turned the shower on, lo and behold, the water began to fill the basin of the shower...fun times.  I thought "great, now I'm gonna have to go to the school and shower" but, bathtub to the rescue, there the water drained just fine...whew!  With my small contortion act I was was able to soak AND wash my hair. Hallelujah!

The industrial arts teacher (shop) (good friend to the Seilers) and building/plant manager at the school gave Fisherman heat tape and extension cords.  He, being a good and kindly husband, got all dolled up in his winter gear and went under the house - a place I would not be caught dead in - and wrapped the naughty non-draining pipe!

The heat tape did its job beautifully. The ice melted and there was goodness in the valley.  I however, still did not shower in the shower.  I am a big "fraidy cat" when it comes to electricity and water.   Not only that, I like most, can stare down most of my demons and emerge victorious, but the thought of the toilet overflowing or the drains backing up strikes absolute TERROR in my heart.

I emerged from my nightly bathing and with a big proud grin on his face, Fisherman asked how the drain worked, and if I felt better after having had a shower.  I sheepishly had to let him in on the secret that I didn't shower but took care of business again in the bathtub.  I felt awful!  He had crawled...literally crawled on hands and knees under the nasty of our house and I was the frilly woman who was afraid to shower.  Hopefully tonight I will be able to conquer my fear and step into the light...er, the shower, STAY TUNED.

...lingering near the drain,


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