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Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Here in the great Alaskan Bush - which is what "remote Alaska" is called, it is necessary to highlight the actual expense of our lifestyle up here.  Fisherman and I were elated when we got our teaching contracts this year because it meant that our salaries would finally be close to what a teacher should make.  Teachers as most are aware are underpaid, overworked, dedicated fools who seem to be glutton for punishment.  FINALLY, finally, at a school that pays well and has money to spend on the school (as is evident by the athletic budget of well over 100,000 dollars). 

HOW-EV-ER...with a larger salary comes a larger bill...on just about everything.  Milk, for example, at the AC (our grocery store) runs about $6.00 for a half-gallon.  Plain ol' hamburger meat = $12.00-$14.00/lb., heaven forbid we should want to have a STEAK!  Hence, the reason we eat tons of fish.  When I talk to my brother, Roughneck, he, in his usual joking manner asks "what ya havin' for dinner...fish, with a side of fish, dipped or glazed in fish sauce, with fish puree?" Ha, freakin' ha.

We have found that if one of us "goes to town" or escapes the island of misfit toys, we always bring a tupperware tote full of groceries back.  Our little airline, PenAir, (or whenair as the students call it) used to allow two bags plus a carry-on - which meant EVERYONE, literally EVERYONE brought groceries back with them.  Not anymore, hmpf!

Many people here do Costco orders or have family buy their groceries and send them on coastal transport (still probably cheaper than our grocery store). 

Finally, BUSH ORDERS.  This is an avenue that Fisherman and I use as often as we can.  There are two ways to do a bush order.  I was baptized by fire to this method of shopping on my very first day in Alaska...sans Fisherman.  I landed, caught the shuttle to my hotel, collapsed in bed until the next day where Fisherman woke me up and described the process.

He calmly laid out the plan.  "Babes, go out the front door of the hotel, walk across the parking lot to the Walmart."  "Once you're inside pick out what you would like...keep in mind no perishables, no glass, no alcohol, no laundry detergent.  When you have everything you think we need (as if I had a CLUE...) take the cart(s) to the back of the store and fill out the bush order form.  That's it...easy-peasey, lemon squeezie!"

I did as he instructed.  I filled our basket with tea, cereal, chips, and at least a ton and half of jalapenos, canned tomatoes, soup, etc.  Then in about 4 weeks magically our bush order appeared - neatly packaged by the bush order counter at the Walmart - packing Ninjas if ever I saw one!

Like I said, I might as well be livin' on the moon...strange these here customs in the BUSH!

Here is an ad for Bush Shopper, AK:

Our company offers shopping from anywhere you need us to go, Sam's Costco's, Wal-mart and more, we also do Holiday's, Birthday's, Anniversary and any other special occasion. Whatever your need is, we are here to help. This gives you access to the large Anchorage market no matter where you live in ALASKA.

We have no minimum order and no minimum service fee, and best of all you pay what we pay.

We do have items we carry here at our warehouse. We have catalogs we can send upon request, or you can download it here. If you have any further questions about our business please feel free to call and ask.
We are looking forward to serving you in the future, Thank you again in advance for you're upcoming business.

The Alaska Bush Shoppers Staff

Buying groceries like we expect another Great Depression,


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