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Monday, January 27, 2014
In previous blogs I have included several "I'll address it later" situations, but a post MUST be dedicated to the weather here on Sand Point.  I must say, that I complained whilst in Phoenix but I am at the point now where I would gladly take the 120 degrees vs. overcast, consistent rain and HOWLING wind that will not  S-T-O-P, seriously, just STOP!

Please understand that I am under the impression, at this point, that this island must be under some sort of curse with the constant barrage that we have had in the past few weeks.  In all seriousness the wind has been a steady 70-80mph, with gusts of 120-130mph.  A note *hurricane force winds are considered when the winds hit 90.  That's right, we have had category 3 hurricane force winds or category 2 tornado windspeed for the past 2 weeks on and off; and for the last 5 days ON, no off.

There are some very unique features to the wind here - first it is almost always coupled with rain.  When the rain and the wind team up, the result is sideways stinging, biting, knock-you-over RAIN.  The rain actually takes on a physical form and results in a somewhat eerie darkness.  Next, the wind and storm pressure sucks the water from the toilets *read tornado suction and makes another eerie, creepfest sound of gurgling death.  Lastly, the house shakes like we are having an earthquake which has made Fisherman ask if we are "having an actual earthquake, is the dryer going, or is it just the wind, yet again?"  Finally, the salmon smoking shed that we had outside in the front of our house (looked like a little outhouse) exploded from the pressure of the last big storm which was followed the very next day by it being blown completely off the foundation and decimated.  When the wind kicks up such as it has been, no planes come in OR go out - which means, no mail, no groceries, no NOTHING!

I promise to not let the blog turn into a rant, but I have to say, this wind is quite literally SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME!

...from the other side of Oz,


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