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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
After several years of not having anything to write about and at the promptings of several via Facebook, I am jump-starting this ol' blog! 

Let me reintroduce myself...I am Angela, newlywed, newlymoved, newlyAlaskan, and newly to teaching in this very atypical environment. My Fly-Fisherman and I were wed in July and after a whirlwind weekend Fisherman packed up our truck and headed NORTH, to Alaska, specifically to the Aleutian Islands - Sand Point. 

Two and a half weeks later, I found out I had gotten the job at the same school Fisherman was at. I packed up clothing and what-not (our whole 3-bedroom house in a storage shed) and left my high-desert home and moved to Sand Point.
This place, the school, the classes, the very air that I breathe is a 180-degree change from everything I have ever known. I oftentimes feel as if I have landed on another planet. 

This blog will serve several purposes. 
  1. I hope to remember this experience and this is the most efficient way that I can chronicle the first days of our marriage and our life here on the Aleutians. 
  2. Our family loves to see photos and hear about our adventures and many do not "Facebook" so hopefully this will serve as a bridge. 
  3. I fully intend to highlight the uniqueness of the situation here and provide entertainment for my desert pals who are fascinated by my new and vastly different culture. 
  4. Hopefully my writing will provide catharsis for those days (like today) where I was the BUG, not the windshield. 
  5. Lastly, there is not a movie theater, shopping of any kind, nor a nail salon, and only 1 restaurant - I NEED A HOBBY! 
So, friends, family, loved ones...here goes, welcome to a peek inside of the island of misfit toys! 

Angela & Fisherman


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