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Thursday, January 23, 2014
As I am sure I have previously stated, there are many things that I grieve the loss of being here on the island.  Some of these things are my sanity, the sun, a hairstyle that actually looks presentable in 100% humidity, and at the top of the list is good green chile.

When I first arrived here our only transportation was the four-wheeler that we were borrowing, possibly purchasing from one of the other teachers.

We rode this four-wheeler all over the island, back and forth from school, in the pouring rain and wind (more on this phenomenon later).  We planned our grocery shopping very carefully and my poor tailbone felt every bump, hump, and hole!

We have since moved up in the world and our truck got here loaded down with several items that made our life more "liveable".

We also place a "bush orders" every time either one of us leaves the island (again more on bush orders later).

My family and Fisherman's family send us packages at random intervals which also eases the transition to remote or bush lifestyle.  However, our greatest delivery was our bed, which came in 5 big boxes that Fisherman and I assembled PROMPTLY that very evening.

Finally, the most unique bare essential is what I hope to elaborate on in this particular post, T.P.  Toilet paper is a premium here on the island - I would not be exaggerating by much if I stated that it is $9 a roll.  The reason for this outrage is  largely due to the fact that freight is measured by the space it takes up on the barge, not weight.  TP as one would guess is relatively light and would not cost much if we paid for it by the weight - but oh no, it is measured by the cubic space it takes up on the boat.  Bottom line: Fisherman and I NEVER, EVER buy TP at the store here on the island.  We buy it on Amazon and it is free shipping for Amazon prime members reducing the cost to what it is normally.  So without further adieu our best bare essential fresh from Amazon!
Sending love that is fresh and clean...


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