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Wednesday, May 12, 2010
I am always amazed at my gender. We women are the most talented, most creative, most amazing of our species. Men certainly have their qualities in abundance, but my soul gets a shot of adrenaline when I see women, in their element, doing their thing - backwards and in high heels, no less!

I recently had the opportunity to attend a conference where women and their ideas were highlighted, showcased, celebrated, and lauded. My attendance at this conference so energized me into action that I hope this blog becomes a venue for all the creativity out there.

So, while I bask in the glory of my gender I want to highlight a few of those amazing women who opened the door into a brand new world for me.

Just to name 3...How amazing are these women? Gotta run, so many blogs to read, so little time but please comment - we women, we mighty women!


  1. Sending love your way!! Keep doin what your doin and all will come :-)

  2. How did you pick 3 blogs? I tried and tried to write a BBC post that highlighted my favorites, but I couldn't!!

    An how did we not meet there??


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