Where's my muse? 35ish and needing a prom dress, WHAT?

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Ladies and gentlemen (mostly ladies I'm sure):

How is it possible that prom is again 1.5 days away and I, again, need a dress?  Baffling.  I know it sounds preposterous that a 35-ish year old woman would need a prom dress - but before any of you freak out and slap the oh-so-charming "cougar" label, "let me splain".  I am a high school teacher.  Oh, they say, "WHEW!"

So, bringing the predicament back around of - I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WEAR!  When I began this blog or had the formulations and drooled over all the creative women out there I made a little vow to my beloved  that this would not become a "girlie rant".  I assured him that this would be my outlet for creativity...peshaw!  So far, including today I am girlie ranting away. 

On to the "rest of the story".  I am counting down to the "Bloggy Boot Camp" and and tirelessly wading through the remainder of the school year and until the creative muses descend...my rant for this evening remains...I NEED A PROM DRESS!

Good night from girlie rant central.

p.s. - Did anyone know that coconut oil makes a terrific moisturizer???


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